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GOG Summer Sale is now on, get great deals and free games


It’s sale time once again and GOG is bringing some sunshine this week with their Summer Sale. And this sale is massive, there’s more than 1,000 games on sale, with some up to 90% off. Here’s some highlighted games for you to check out.

The sale runs between now and June 18 and, as always with GOG, the games are DRM-free.

But hundreds of great games with steep discounts may not be enough for some gamers, so GOG is giving away some free games too. Players can grab a completely free copy of Xenonauts, the faithful recreation of retro XCOM. But there’s more, if you spend $5, you can snag a copy of Sunless Sea, the story-driven adventure game. If you spend $20 or more, a copy of the puzzle-solving game Rime is up for grabs.

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