Project Zomboid – What Is the Best Storage to Use?

Project Zomboid – What Is the Best Storage to Use?

Surviving in Project Zomboid undoubtedly is going to take some work. And that work is going to involve a ton of gathering and crafting. In Project Zomboid, you’re going to come across a wide array of different items. And it’s not all going to be guns and ammo. There are books and items to teach you skills, there may even be a bunch of random junk like wood and nails. Because there are so many items, you can’t carry them all around with you. That means you’re going to need to make use of storage in Project Zomboid.

There are a lot of different options for how to store your stuff in-game, too many to even realistically cover in this guide. You can make all manner of different storage chests and other items. You can even take items from around the level, pick them up, and plop them in your base. This guide will give you some options for how to organize your base and what options you have to store your stuff.

Different Types of Storage in Project Zomboid

There are a lot of options that you will find loot in when exploring the undead environs of the map. Each storage container in PZ has a set limit in terms of weight. This is true for both containers like shelves, as well as bags you can carry.

When you find a loot container in PZ, it will often have some kind of items in it, determined by the location you found it, and the type of container. And there are dozens of containers to deal with. You could even take the container back with using the Pick Up button in the UI.

Examples of Storage in Project Zomboid

You could spend time carting around containers from cities back to your base, but that’s very slow and very risky. The options you have are limited further mostly by how you choose to settle your base.

What Is the Best Storage to Use in Your Base?

In the simplest way possible, it’s best to use whatever is at hand in the early game. Players will want to focus on survival first. Clearing out zombies and picking a base is a bit beyond this guide. Safehouses do add a layer of possibility that some players will like. Others will tend to want to make a base entirely from scratch. Either path is viable, and the proper use of storage is important for both. When it comes to storing items, the maximum capacity of the container is the first priority you want to consider. From there, think about the resources it takes to build or acquire it.

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Wooden and Metal crates are both easy to make and can be placed anywhere. They also have plenty of space. Crafted crates can also be stacked 3 units high, maximizing space utility in your base.

With the former option, you’re kind of limited to what you can easily build on short notice. Wooden and Metal Crates will be the most common thing you can make in this instance.  Some double shelves might be helpful too if you want to maximize vertical space for less resources.

When dealing with an entirely custom base, you have a lot more options. The issue with this approach is that you need skills and resources to make it happen. Thus, you need to learn how to level up your Metalworking and Carpentry skills in order to make your containers. There’s another option as well. This is where grabbing containers from around the game world becomes a possibility.

Desks, shelves, cardboard boxes and more can all be made into a storage container for your junk. There are dozens of individual variants to choose from, each with their own spawn conditions and loot tables. If you want to know more, give the wiki page on containers a read. This page explains the loot types you can find in each spawned contained, and where you can often find them. One thing to keep in mind when moving stuff around like this is that if you have loot respawning on, sometimes the game will overwrite whatever is in the container with its own loot table. Keep that in mind.

If you want to speed the process up, you can spawn items with various mods like Necroforge.

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