How to get a workbench in Grounded

How to get a workbench in Grounded

The crafting in Obsidian’s new RPG, Grounded, is actually surprisingly deep. There are multiple Tiers for materials and tools. The various Tiers will inform how rare the material is, or how useful the tool is. Higher-Tier tools have many more uses. You start out with just the basic Tier I Chopping and Busting Tools, but those quickly outlive their usefulness. If you really want to survive, you need better gear. And that’s where the workbench in Grounded is needed.

Be sure to set your respawn point regularly to keep coming back here if you do die. That way you won’t have to constantly journey all the way back from the start.

Aside from the basic Tier I tools, you may need a workbench to move into Tier II crafting and beyond. That’s why you need this because you can’t make more complex items without it. The Workbench is vital for making things like Refined Tools.

Once you have the materials listed below, it’s time to craft the workbench. Go into the Crafting Menu and look for the item you need. The first time you choose it from the menu, you need to place the outline. Make sure you have a flat and clear area to put it. From there, you need to carry the resources over to said outline and interact again to make the workbench.

  • Sprigs x 4
  • Sap x 2
  • Grass Plank x 3
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Sprigs are found all over the place. Just look on the ground for small leaves. These can also be found as medium-sized plants with single stem leaves. This is different from Weed Stem, which is a tier II resource.


Sap is probably one of the harder elements to find in this recipe. A great way to find it is to look for fallen twigs on the ground. When you find these, interact with the surface bark, you have a small chance of getting Sap from these spawns. You’re looking for small orange droplets on the surface, that’s the Sap.

Grass Planks

These items are found very easily. Get a Chopping Tool of some kind and cut down the grass stalks. These are basically the bug equivalent of trees, and will drop between four and six Grass Planks. Just grab a bunch.

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