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How to get Dusklight Sarracenia in Warframe

How to get Dusklight Sarracenia in Warframe

Digital Extremes just held a live stream for their plans going into the future of Warframe. During that devstream the developer looked good, teasing various incoming updates to the Railjack system and some changes to pets as well. The new Empyrean expansion has tons of new content, and it has led to many new players hopping into the game for the first time. And of course, there’s plenty of mechanics that confused newer players.

The process of hunting Silver Grove Specters,  which involves crafting Nightfall items, needs the Dusklight Sarracenia to complete.  Dusklight Sarracenia is one of many crafting materials that players need in this game to take on various missions and craft various items. The Dusklight Sarracenia in Warframe is found exclusively on maps with the  Grineer Shipyards tileset.

To make gathering this material easier, there’s an upgrade you should work on getting first. The Cross-Matrix Widget upgrade from Cephalon Simaris for your Synthesis Scanner is a huge help here. The Widget has a 45% chance to double any scan of an item and yield two rewards from a single scan. This very much sped up farming for me. Head to Cephalon Simaris with 50,000 Standing and grab it when you can to speed up farming Dusklight Sarracenia in Warframe.

The best locations for scanning down this plant can be found on Ceres:

  • Bode – Spy
  • Ker – Sabotage
  • Lex – Capture
  • Pallas – Exterminate
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When heading into missions at these nodes, look out for a tall brown plant. The plant has a white and green flower on top to make it easier to spot. Look near the pools of toxic sludge on the walls and floor and you should be close to one. If you want a video example of what to look for, check below.

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