Where to find Sap in Grounded

Where to find sap in Grounded

Sap is a useful resource in Grounded. You will need Sap when you start getting into Tier 2 crafting with the Workbench, so it’s good to stockpile some of it in the early game. You will of course find more of it later, but in the early game, it’s very useful. At the start it’s used to craft a variety of tools and pieces of furniture, healing items, and armor.

You will need to unlock these recipes with the scanning process of finding resources and bug parts and bringing them back to the analyzer at any camp you find. Scanning parts is what unlocks pretty much every recipe in the game. And when you start dealing with Spiders and other enemies, you need tougher armor and weapons.

The first spawns of Sap in Grounded are primarily found in small quantities in twigs on the ground. Look for the orange droplets on sticks and interact with them to harvest a bit of the sticky stuff. Note that you won’t find Sap in every stick though. You’re really after the much larger sticks you find in the more dangerous areas of the map.

The ones you’re looking for look about the size of a log and have much more Sap per spawn in them. These will spawn what are called Sap Clumps. Find the big logs around various areas, with the big orange globules on them. Use an Axe, Tier 1 Pebblet will work, to get four to six Sap for each one you pop.

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There is one other method for getting a steady supply of Sap, which you will need for most armor. You can create a Sap Catcher, which will naturally generate a few Sap every so often. Scan some Sap and it should unlock the recipe using an acorn top and some ant mandibles.

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