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All Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 Week 5 XP Coin Locations – Green, Blue, Purple, Gold

All Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 Week 5 XP Coin Locations – Green, Blue, Purple, Gold

It’s Week 5 of Chapter 2 Season 4 in Fortnite, which means all the challenges will begin to refresh, and there are new secrets to find. That also includes all the Week 5 XP Coin locations too. There are a bundle of Green, Blue, Purple and Gold XP Coins all over the map for you to find. Each one will give you a certain amount of XP, making ranking up much easier. Players will be rushing to find these, so be careful about just recklessly running into the spawn, just to get gunned down.

Green Coins are worth 5,000 XP, Blue Coins are worth 6,500 XP, and Purple Coins will explode into bunches of smaller denominations, totaling up to 10,300 XP. There is a handy trick where you can build walls around Purple XP Coins before interacting with them, that way when they explode, the smaller coins don’t bounce as far. So if you’re really trying to max out rank gains this week, you want to find all of the varieties. The Gold versions coming back, which weren’t in all the previous weeks of XP Coins, is a nice boon for hardcore players.

Check out the map below to find all of the different versions of the Week 5 XP Coin.

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This week there are two Purple, four Green, three Blue XP coins, and a single Gold Coin to collect. Blue XP Coins are once again hidden in objects around the map. here’s the list of Blue and Gold spawn locations:

  • Blue Coin 1 – at Craggy Cliffs in the boathouse at the very east of the town. It will in a box on the conveyer belt.
  • Blue Coin 2 – found in the house between Sweaty Sands and Holly Hedges, in the attic.
  • Blue Coin 3 – Found in Retail Row, in a small room. Smash a Gnome to get the Coin.
  • This week’s Gold XP Coin can be found at the mutant containment truck.

Where to find the Mutant Containment Truck

What you are looking for is the Trask Transport Truck landmark which can be found in the north of the map, just to the southeast of Lockie Lighthouse, and to the northeast of Coral Castle. It’s on the road leading north. Check out the video below for an exact location.

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