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Limbo is the latest free game on the Epic Games Store

Epic Games Store

It’s that time of the week again, no Ubisoft didn’t do something stupid, instead Epic Games is giving away more free games on their store. Last week gamers got the chance to grab a copy of ARPG Torchlight, offering some pretty stellar loot-farming fun. Now up for grabs is the much more somber, but still fun, Playdead’s horror romp Limbo.

Limbo is a mysterious title in the perplexing horror genre. It offers and entrancing and haunting experience with very simple visuals and gameplay, getting progressively weirder as the narrative rolls forward. As you hop and skip through this nightmare world, the platforms starts to become arguably less important as you pay more and more enraptured attention to the dreary gray world around you. The ending will definitely leave you in a strange place, full of head scratching questions.

And if you’re already looking forward to next week, we’ve got good news. Epic has also announced another batch of free video games as they’re giving away two more games next week. Moonlighter and This War of Mine will replace Limbo as free titles on the Epic store next week. So while Limbo and This War of Mine are certainly depressing games that make the player take a hard look in the mirror, at least Moonlighter offers a break from the disturbing introspection.

While this definitely does not absolve Epic of its many screwups and lack of features on their store, the Epic Games Store still does not contain a shopping cart or the ability to browse game genres or categories, it does help alleviate some of their PR struggle. Gamers are still angry about all the timed exclusives and other missteps, but at least some will likely forgive Epic at some point, they’re not burning money for no reason right?

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