How to get Refined Tools in Grounded

Where to find sap in Grounded

Refined Tools in Grounded, or the higher tier tools in the game, are incredibly useful. These are the higher-tier versions of tools you can build on your own. The basic Tier I tools will be found by unlocking the recipe from scanning items in the analyzer. The upper tier of tools is unlocked as you scan more resources. These Tier II items are much rarer, but you will need them to progress in the game.

The first of these items come from the Ant Club. This isn’t actually all that useful on its own. This item is unlocked when you’re hunting ants near their basic ant colonies. Once you have the Ant Part, it’s time to move on. Unlock the Ant Club recipe, and it will list the ingredients you need to craft it with.  Scan the Ant Parts like mandibles to unlock the recipe. The other bugs also drop parts that can be scanned in this manner. In other words, just make a habit of scanning one of literally everything you find.

Just be sure to set your spawn point, so that way you don’t lose too much progress if you die hunting other bugs. When you want to make higher tier tools, you need to collect parts from these enemies to unlock the various recipes.

A great way to take out a lot of the bigger creatures is to use ranged weapons, which can be made somewhat early in the game. You will want to focus on bows and arrows to take on the most dangerous foes, and stay mobile. The massive spiders in this game are very lethal, so you don’t want to let them get close to you.

There are Tier II versions of a variety of weapons and tools. Chopping and Busting Tools of Tier 2 will be able to harvest Tier 2 resources. Tier 2 axes are the goal for many, as they are both useful as a tool and weapon. The Tier 2 axes are obtained via the recipe you get from killing ladybugs. Scan the Ladybug Head you get to unlock the recipe.

How to Upgrade Your Axe or other Refined Tools in Grounded

How to get Refined Tools in Grounded

The best goal before really farming the tougher enemies is to invest in unlocking armor upgrades and the like as well. Ants will be a good farming choice early, but eventually, you need to move onto the stronger foes. That’s where the Insect Axe and Hammer come in. These Refined Tools in Grounded are really useful for combat.

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The Ladybug Parts and Head come from the obvious Ladybug. These are all over the place, but you need to be careful. It’s a good idea to farm for some Ant Armor pieces before taking it on. Look around the grass nearby the original spawn point and listen for the booming footsteps. Since it’s so large though, the best way to take it on would be to bring a bow and a ton of arrows.

Bombardier Parts come from Bombardier Beetles. These can pretty reliably be found south of the starting spawn, nearby to the giant baseball. Spiderlings can also spawn in this location, alongside the beetles. This makes this area the best place to farm until you have the parts for both the Hammer and Axe. The Bombardier Beetles also drop the parts (Boiling Gland) for both Insect Axe and Hammer, so grab all the parts you can to get these two Tier II tools quickly.

How to Upgrade Your Hammer

Grounded Insect Hammer

The first step is to get the Berry Leather, as this doesn’t actually involve any combat. If you’re quick and dodge enemies, you can get in and out without have to worry too much. Head to the southeastern edge of the map and look for the big tree in the area. Nearby there will be big blueberries on the ground beneath its branches. You can also shoot blueberries from the branches to knock them down and reach them. Just use your Tier I Axe on some to harvest plenty to Berry Leather.

Next comes the hard part, getting the Stinkbug Parts and Boiling Gland. Head to the area where the giant rake is, on the bottom left of the area map. You will find a few different areas there, and each one contains plenty of spawns. Spiderlings here can also drop Spider Silk, which is helpful, assuming you can take them on. Had to the cave that is at the bottom of the huge boulder that is holding up the rake. That’s the best farming spot for all of these bugs.

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