How To Get More Wishes In Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Elemental Reactions Guide

Wishes In Genshin Impact are pretty darn useful. They are basically the Gacha or lootbox system in the game. Wishes will often contain characters, weapons and other items of different rarity tiers. Rarity goes up to five stars, with the most powerful items being  5 Star items. Players will get access to both basic general Wishes, as well as seasonal and event ones. Normally these are a paid item. There are ways to get more beyond paying for them though.

When you first start the game, you can safely ignore Wishes. You need to get to the Library before you can access the system in-game. After this point, you will unlock the Wish menu in-game which can be accessed from the Wish menu in the store. It will happen only a short while into the game, so don’t fret.

Once it’s open head to the Wish menu via the main menu. You will notice a few currency items added in this menu. In the lower left of the Wish screen is your Primogems count. Primogems are a currency you can earn in the game through various activities. They can be found in chests, rewarded from quests or daily missions, or bought for cash.

The other currency, in the lower left, is either Acquaint Fate or Intertwined Fate. Acquaint Fate can be used for Standard Wishes, while the other is for unique or event Wishes. To earn more, you need to play the game and unlock more Primogems. This usually means daily login rewards and other promos are your best friend.


Some of the odds have been datamined by the community, but be aware that these are randomized and subject to change. So far, only the odds for promotional Wishes featuring unique rewards have been disclosed.

  • Four and Five Star rarity items have a “pity” mechanic. If a player does not win a 4-star or above item 9 pulls in a row the 10th pull is guaranteed to be a 4-star or higher item. The same is true for 5-star, but only applies to the 90th pull after 89 failed ones.
  • Every time a player wins a 5-star item from a wish, there is a 50% chance it will be the promotional 5-star character. If the 5-star item won is not the promotional character, the next 5-star item won is guaranteed to be the promotional character. The same is true for 4-star featured characters.
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If you want to buy more, you can do that. Players can also buy either of the Fates for 160 Primogems each. That means spending real money, so be careful with that. And if you’re opposed to this kind of system, it’s best to be aware of it in games where it exists.

If you want more help playing this game and figuring out the mechanics, we’ve got you. If you’re having trouble figuring out Elemental Reactions and how Elements work, we’ve got a guide for that. Want to know how to fast travel?

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