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Clues hinting at Team Rocket event found Pokémon GO

Pokemon Go

Team Rocket, the infamous group of thieves known to any Pokémon fan as a blight upon the iconic world of the anime and games, may be coming back to Pokémon Go. The group has gone through various splinterings and changes throughout the games in which it was featured, with each new setting or region bringing a new “big bad” organization for the hero to take down into the mix. And with this mobile title, they finally got to meet their own incarnation of the iconic group.

Team Go Rocket is led by Cliff, and the band of outlaws is just as radical as ever, and just as ready to stir up some trouble. According to reveals from Niantic, the leader is “a muscular man with a distinct Poké Ball beard design, approached us. Cliff, just as he appeared in the corrupted files on my computer. His first words were a warning that we were “encroaching on Team GO Rocket territory.” His demeanor was just as stern and intimidating as his photo.”

And while Team Go Rocket is not fully in the game yet, a new wrinkle suggests that they’re in fact on their way. We don’t know what their plans are yet, thankfully Professor Willow has been tracking their movements, and the intrepid researcher has unlocked a new hidden piece of the puzzle. That’s because Willow seems to have uncovered more corrupted files that include data on the organization, although he has been unable to crack them.

Niantic has been teasing the group being added to Pokémon Go for weeks now, with successive updates aimed at bringing slow and steady teases to the eyeballs of players. The last few weeks have contained the reveal of new items like the Rocket Radar, which will seemingly be used to track Team Go Rocket movements, and eventually lead back to their hideouts. Presumably this means that Niantic could add new collectible in these hideouts, as well as rare spawns and PvE battles.

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