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Does Remnant: From the Ashes have crossplay?

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Gunfire Games just deployed a major update to their new game, Remnant: From the Ashes. Within the DLC is the wickedly challenging Survival mode that’s pushing players to the limit. And with the update having been delayed on consoles, players are wondering when they’re going to get the new mode on PS4 and Xbox One. So with all of this new content, a lot of people want to hop into the game and test their mettle. So that leaves a burning question. Does Remnant: From the Ashes have crossplay?

Currently, there is no plan to bring the game to a cross-platform state. Players won’t be able to play together unless they share the same platform.  Gunfire Games has hinted at plans to change this though, although nothing has been announced. So for now if you want to play Remnant: From the Ashes with your buddies, you need to be playing on the same platform.

The developer has said that “It’s something we can look into after launch.” Although without concrete plans that statement means very little. Keep in mind that Swamps of Corsus is only the first DLC pack for the game, and Gunfire clearly has more plans for it, so keep those hopes up.

There are of course some hurdles to overcome. Console manufacturers like Sony and Nintendo infamously have stood against cross-platform play in the past for various reasons. In short, if the devs at Gunfire can convince them to play nice, we may see some form of cross-platform play in the future. Although if I were a betting man, I would put it towards some kind of custom limited mode that only allows certain forms of crossplay.

So while you can’t take on the Swamp of Corsus DLC with your buddies if they’re playing on another system, there’s still plenty to enjoy in the new content update. The developer has fed the players to the wolves with the new Apocalypse difficulty setting which gives enemies a big power boost. The game was already hard enough. And to top it off, there’s also the new Survival mode which challenges your game knowledge by forcing you to create a build and run the gauntlet for as long as you can with roguelike mechanics.

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