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Warframe details Old Blood expansion, bringing new Kuva raid

Warframe Teases New Frame, Grendel

Anyone who has played Warframe knows the Kuva. This special endgame resource that are farmed as part of high-end crafting. Warframe players have ton of different options for farming endgame gear, mods and materials, but another one certainly cannot hurt in their minds. Right now, players have access to Kuva siphon and Kuva Flood missions which reward this resource,

The Kuva have long been a part of the game, but the newly released Old Blood expansion turns the battle up a notch in intensity. Warframe The Old Blood introduces a vicious new villain in the form of the Kuva Liches. These powerful new enemies have all the hallmarks of a powerful boss in this game, but with one key difference. The game is getting these bosses that also include a new batch of challenges. Players will need to undertake a new series of missions targeting a Grineer splinter faction to get ready to take them on.

Kuva Liches are immortal and infinite, quite literally. As part of the missions that lead to the final battle in Old Blood, you’ll encounter both these deadly beings and their thralls. Getting to them won’t be an easy task though, as you will need to collect intelligence on their whereabouts ahead of time in the missions leading up to the final confrontation.

Fighting the Kuva Lich occurs in stages, with them continuously respawning as part of the fight. Each players has their own personal Kuva Lich to take on, and like the worst stalker in the universe, they just won’t go away. Each time you take down your Kuva Lich, it will grow stronger and more ruthless.

Another major component of this update is that promised melee rework that Digital Extremes has been teasing for a while. In Warframe, players can specialize their builds to an absurd degree thanks to the insanely deep crafting system and mod combinations in their gear. Melee weapons are one of the gear options for these builds, but many players regard the options such as knives, swords, halberds and more as somewhat inferior to various ranged choices. But with the Old Blood

You can download Warframe and the Kuva Lich update for free via Steam.

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