How to separate Calyrex from Glastrier or Spectrier in Crown Tundra

How to separate Calyrex from Glastrier or Spectrier in Crown Tundra

The point of the new Crown Tundra DLC in hunting rare Pokémon. The DLC adds hundreds of new roster entries and so much more. The story of the new region introduces new Legendary Pokémon as well. Players will get to hunt for a variety of new and old roster entries through the core gameplay mechanic, Dynamax Adventures. The story also introduces a new hybrid form of legendary Glastrier or Spectrier. These two steeds are fused with Calyrex, another new monster.

How to catch Calyrex

To get to this point, you have to finish most of the story. Get through the Crown Tundra story until you get to the point where you’re choosing where to plant Carrot Seeds. This happens before Sonia shows up and asks you to help find a bunch of footprints. These will need to be found first in order to encounter the Swords of Justice Pokémon, Cobalion, Virizon, and Terrakion.

Once you bring those seeds to Calyrex, you’re given two locations to visit. Plant your carrot seed either in the Old Cemetery or Snowslide Slope. Snowslide Slope will spawn Glastrier, Spectrier comes from the cemetery location. Once that’s done you will be prompted to head back to Freezington for the final boss fight. When you approach it back at the town, the Pokémon attacks you, once you win the fight the next phase begins.

You will then be told by the mayor and Peony that the legendary horse has fled. You need to head to the Crown Shrine with the Reins and the new Carrot you grew to begin the last battle. Once you step outside, Calyrex informs you need to head there. Head to that area and use the Reins of Unity with Calyrex, who asks you to place the carrot in the shrine. From there, the final capture attempt begins. It will either be a Psychic and Ghost-type or a Psychic and Ice-type, depending on which spawn you picked.

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How to separate Calyrex from Glastrier or Spectrier in Crown Tundra

You will need to get one key item to do this, the Reins of Unity. This item can be used to both remove and reattach Calyrex to its rider. Once you capture Calyrex, you should be given the Reins that you need. Once you want to separate the Calyrex, select the Reins of Unity in your inventory and use it on Calyrex to join or remove the mount.

So which one should you choose? It’s down to stats, depending on which stat you want to focus on. Calyrex with Glastrier has boosted Attack, Defense and Special Defense, with rather reduced Speed. Calyrex with Spectrier has boosted Special Attack, Special Defense and Speed, with rather reduced Attack and Defense. You can only choose between either Glastrier or Spectrier, and cannot have both at the same time.

Once you’re done with capturing this Legendary, the real game begins. You can go shiny hunting if you want. and with all the new Legendary Pokémon. You might also want to take on the challenging new Galarian Star Tournament if you want to prove your mettle as a Trainer.

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