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o7: The EVE Online Show. Episode 3


1:13 – CCP Nullarbor and CCP Mankiller tell us about their work for Rhea and give a glimpse into their work for EVE in 2015.

12:42 – The EVE Trailer Team, fresh off delivering the smash hit ‘This is EVE’, tell us how an EVE trailer is made and what goes on behind the scenes.

19:00 – CCP Guard and CCP Mimic take a look at what’s been happening in the EVE community.

33:45 – Coelomate from The Phoebe Freeport republic shares the story of how a rag-tag group of strangers took settled in hostile 0.0 space as a result of the changes made in the Phoebe release.

41:53 – Executive Producer of EVE CCP Seagull and Lead Game Designer CCP Scarpia sit down for a chat about the eventful year that passed, where we’re at and what 2015 might have in store.

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