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Hey everyone. As we mentioned at Fanfest this year we’re making some significant changes to mining in our April release, mainly focused on Null Security space.

These changes are intended to make Nullsec more self sufficient then it is currently. We continue to believe that no area of space should be completely independent of any other, but there is a lot of room to make nullsec more self sufficient and improve the opportunities for zero-sec miners and industrialists.

These changes consist of three parts:

Increasing Zydrine and Megacyte consumption in manufacturing

Rebalancing the mineral content of the Null and Lowsec focused ores

Rebalancing the ore content of the mining anomalies generated by the Ore Prospecting Array

Increasing Zydrine and Megacyte consumption in manufacturing.

This is a fairly simple change, but it will have some significant effects. As we said on the o7 show, we are doubling the Zydrine and Megacyte consumption of almost all blueprints in the game. This will bring the universe-wide consumption of Zydrine and Megacyte closer to some of the original designs for overall mineral consumption, and will provide a very significant boost to Nullsec (including wormhole) and to a lesser extent Lowsec mining.

Rebalancing the mineral content of the Null and Lowsec focused ores.

This is the big set of changes that will enable a more healthy Nullsec mining enviroment. Each of the “Nullsec Ores” will be rebalanced to focus on one main mineral (except for Spodumain which will be more widely distributed between four mineral types). This allows us to adjust the supply of each mineral in Nullsec to bring overall balance closer to the actual mineral consumption from the average industry job. It also makes it much easier for players to decide what ore to mine if they find themselves in need of a specific mineral. We are also making somewhat smaller sets of changes to the “Lowsec Ores” to clean up their mineral spread and increase their value.

The following values are for a theoretical 100% refine of a batch of each ore type. The upgraded versions of each ore will continue to contain +5% and +10% minerals as they did before. Volumes of each ore are not changing in this pass.

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Tritanium: 22000

Mexallon: 2500

Megacyte: 320


Pyerite: 12000

Zydrine: 450

Megacyte: 100


Tritanium: 21000

Nocxium: 760

Zydrine: 135

Dark Ochre:

Tritanium: 10000

Isogen: 1600

Nocxium: 120


Pyerite: 2200

Mexallon: 2400

Isogen: 300


Tritanium: 56000

Pyerite: 12050

Mexallon: 2100

Isogen: 450


Morphite: 300


Pyerite: 1000

Isogen: 200

Nocxium: 100

Zydrine: 19


Tritanium: 2200

Isogen: 100

Nocxium: 120

Zydrine: 15


Mexallon: 350

Nocxium: 75

Zydrine: 8

Rebalancing the ore content of the mining anomalies generated by the Ore Prospecting Array

With these changes, the total mineral supply gained by mining out an entire Ore Prospecting Array anomaly (other than the small belts) will more closely match the average mineral consumption across the EVE universe, allowing alliances to more easily source the bulk of their raw minerals locally for industrial activities. The relative compositions of each anomaly are slightly different, allowing each corporation or alliance to decide which best matches their personal industrial activities.


Arkonor: 13000

Bistot: 19000

Crokite: 38700

Dark Ochre: 30000

Gneiss: 210000

Spodumain: 220000


Arkonor: 28000

Bistot: 38700

Crokite: 84730

Dark Ochre: 25500

Gneiss: 270000

Spodumain: 270000

Mercoxit: 2600


Arkonor: 29900

Bistot: 57650

Crokite: 112600

Dark Ochre: 60000

Gneiss: 313500

Spodumain: 368100

Mercoxit: 3500


Arkonor: 56000

Bistot: 78000

Crokite: 169500

Dark Ochre: 50000

Gneiss: 540000

Spodumain: 542000

Mercoxit: 5200


Arkonor: 60800

Bistot: 114300

Crokite: 225200

Dark Ochre: 115000

Gneiss: 630000

Spodumain: 736200

Mercoxit: 7000

The ore compositions of other mining anomalies found within Nullsec, Lowsec and Wormhole space will not change, but the mineral changes will cause the value of mining those anomalies to rise significantly as well.

We’re very interested to hear from miners, nullsec industrialists and prospective nullsec industrialists. Let us know how you view these changes and how you would like to see them changed to better meet your needs. Thanks!

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