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War Fizzles for N3, and other null sec drama

As was announced yesterday by The Mittani on Twitter, CFC will be entirely abandoning both regions of Fountain and Cloud Ring.  While at the same time breaking the news that NC. would be divesting itself from SOV entirely.  More news has since been revealed about these developments in SOV Null.  The Mittani has also published the final coalition update for CFC.  Now to be known as the Imperium.

Earlier today, Northern Coalition. released their pre-Fozziesov alliance update. In this update, Vince Draken declares most notably that NC. will be entirely abandoning their sovereignty holdings in Querious. In addition, they will reset their standings to everyone, presumably departing the N3 coalition, and abandoning their rental empire, Northern Associates. It would appear from an outsider’s perspective as if the East is currently suffering from a political divide between those who want to go the manner of post-Phoebe PL, reset their standings, and abandon their sov, and those who wish to hold on to their empires.

The full text of the alliance update is as follows:


“Hello Everyone,

As you may be aware yesterday I announced NC. Would be leaving our space behind as of the 18th April. What does this mean for you? Your leadership should have already asked you to remove any remaining assets from Querious and it’s about time you all wake up. Once we leave on Sunday 19th April we will be resetting our standings to everyone and going to live what I call the “DREAM” all over again as if we had just created this alliance. NA. shall remain blue until 1st May and then will also be reset anyone who has alt corps in there should contact Lady Scarlet for standings.

Move ops will start this weekend as we head away from our sandcastles and we will begin consolidating in a lowsec system, from there we will take our time to watch what everyone else does in preparation for fozzie sov. A lot of things have already happened including CFC announcing they will be leaving behind their Fountain and Cloud Ring sov and walking away also to consolidate themselves in the north west. Who else will make big moves before fozzie sov graces tranquillity?

The area we are moving to will have access to three nullsec regions within a few jumps. All of them occupied with alliances living there not renal groups!

Getting onto the bit you are all interested in….. the first move op will be 18th April at 18:45 Eve Time everyone should make sure you have ZERO fatigue before this op or you will be left behind and have to wait for later ops. This isn’t going to take an hour this will be a large scale operation and I expect you all to have your focused spaceship heads on as I suspect people will try mess with us as we leave. You job is easy pay attention, listen, don’t try travel alone wait for move ops.

I would recommend you install jump clones for as many of you characters as possible in Esubara so you are able to do multiple trips and collect things like dreadnaughts and JFs over the weekend.

I would like to thank all of the CEOs and directors for their support with this decision and I also welcome your support in what is going to be a very interesting time for NC. And Eve Online as a whole!

-Vince ”

N3 Coalition has decided to give up delve, and basically stated that whatever happens in delve happens. DARKNESS. and The Kadeshi will take over current Northern Coalition space in Querious and Period Basis.

Nulli Secunda seem to have redeployed to 3-BADZ in Feythabolis but nothing has been announced yet in terms of future deployments.

Northern Coalition has announced to basically follow PL’s move in giving up all of their sovereignty and going back to a nomadic lifestyle.

The new friends of the N3, Black Legion. have announced they will do a full reset and will go to Aridia to take over all moons.  With many other former and current Null entities vying for moons there, the region is likely to see even more explosive activity.

Sadly for Nulli, The Chinese N3 alliance called, Fraternity. has decided that it will not commit entirely to the war between S2N and PL.  As such, the leadership within Fraternity. have created a corporation within S2N to allow the members that wish to fight PL to join in.    This is being done to strengthen one of the weaker timezones for Nulli.

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