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Path of Exile plays cat and mouse with new MTX, announces Stash Tab sale

POE Gets New Cat MTX and Stash Tab Sales

It’s the weekend, and that means Grinding Gear Games is back at it again with more Path of Exile news and content.

And the big news with this newest tidbit from GGG concerns what the internet really cares about, kitty cats. Stemming from a somewhat joking idea submitted by POE personality Take Cat, the community cried out for an MTX for the new skills in Path of Exile 3.6 that featured the adorable feline friends many of us love. GGG, ever friend to the angry bag of cats that is the internet, delivered just that. The new Soulrend MTX spews forth a legion of dark celestial kitties that smash into the faces of your enemies. But unlike real cats, this headbutt isn’t so loving. Check out the new MTX in the video down below.

But not content with just one new cosmetic item, the fine folks over at GGG also dropped a new armor set microtransaction. The new Gargoyle Armour Set offers a fiery new MTX effect brimming with chaotic energy and an almost lizard-like appearance. It even takes advantage of the new lighting engine put into the game recently to add a slick shadow effect.

The final bit of news concerns the weekend sale that will be going on throughout the next couple of days. POE players can spend their points on Stash Tabs that expand their storage space and fulfill special functions, like a Tab just for currency or maps.

Everything except for the new Unique Collection Tab has been discounted, including the Fragment Tab, Map Tab, Premium Stash Tab Bundles, Premium Quad Stash Tab, Essence Tab, Divination Tab, Currency Tab and Guild Stash Tabs!

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GGG has been doing a great job since the launch of Path of Exile 3.6 and Synthesis League. The best ARPG out right now is headed for the PS4 on March 26th, and the developer headed to reddit to do an AMA on that very topic, answering fan questions. They also recently released the 3.6.2 patch to the game, which rebalanced Synthesis League mob spawns and mechanics, and made managing Memories much easier.

If you’re a new player in POE and are looking for guidance, there’s plenty of guides we’ve created to help players old and new learn the complex mechanics of this great game.

There’s a new players guide to POE that lays out the basics of playing this ARPG. If you want a POE 3.6 starter build, that’s here too. We’ve also got a guide about the basics of Synthesis League and the Memory Nexus if you want that. For you end-game farmers, we’ve even got a guide to mapping in Synthesis. If you’re leveling a character for the first time and need some help optimizing your item loadout, we got that covered as well. We also just released a guide about Magic Find in Path of Exile, give that a look.

What do you think about all of this? Maybe let us know what you think about other news like the upcoming Korea release of the ARPG. Let us know in the comments.

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