How to buy an Equestrian Property in BitLife

How to Complete the Kentucky Derby Challenge in BitLife

A Horse in BitLife is a pretty expensive proposition, much like it is in the real world. Previous challenges had you trying to become a viral hit, or maybe turning into a mad supervillain. This week is a bit more simple. You need to just bet and race horses, in addition to owning them. But to actually do that, you need to right kind of property. There are different classes of property, and you’re going after a certain one, so pay attention to this guide.

There are actually many different types of property in the game. You will need a lot of money to purchase Equestrian Property in BitLife, more than a million dollars is pretty much the floor for pricing on these properties. So consider getting a high-paying job first before doing any of this other stuff. If you can be born as royalty, that could speed this up. What job you choose doesn’t matter too much, as long as you can save up a few million dollars.

How to buy an Equestrian Property in BitLife

You might otherwise know this kind of property as a horse ranch, but it’s the same thing. Once you have the cash, you need to put the time into finding the right property. Look in the Assets tab, and click Go Shopping at the bottom. Now you need to check out the available land .under the various Real Estate options.

if you don’t like what’s listed there, age up or reset the app and it should refresh the list. Make sure you have either enough monthly income to handle the loan payments, or enough cash to buy the land outright, that will take a lot of problems off of your back.

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The properties will be marked on the listing. You want the ones that say either Equestrian Property or Horse Ranch. You need to have one of these to buy horses, so keep that in mind when shopping. The more animals you plan to buy, the more acreage you’re going to need.

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