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Ghost Recon Wildlands launches Special Operation 4

Ubisoft Teases Ghost Recon Wildlands PvE Update

Ubisoft teased the next content update for their newest FPS, Ghost Recon Wildlands earlier this month, now the new batch of content is live, and it even has a spiffy new launch trailer. Dubbed Special Operation 4, this new batch of content is the last free update in the Season Two section of post-launch support for the shooter. Let’s tuck into what this new batch of explosive goodness has to offer.

The biggest new addition is the new PvE mode, Guerrilla. In this gameplay setup, players can partake solo or in groups of up to four people. Guerrilla mode throws increasingly difficult waves of enemies at you, plucked from the stables of Cartel and other enemy forces in Ghost Recon Wildlands. Players will have to survive each wave in turn, with only a short break in-between to upgrade weapons and gear, as well as scavenge useful loot. How long can you hold out?

But not content with just PvE offerings, Ubi also threw in a new PvP mode with the launch of new Ghost War content. The big new addition in this area is the Sapper class. Joining the likes of Artillery, Stalker, Trapper and many more in the PvP mode. Sapper is a support class which uses automatic weapons and drones to create needed firepower in hotspots and to deny enemies access to an area.

Here’s the official description of how Ghost War works:

In Ghost War, each class has its own loadout and special ability. Pick a class that fits your playstyle and assemble a team ready to take on any situation. Because every action has a consequence, and every problem has a solution.

There’s also two new PvP maps, Gas Station and Airbase, along with two new PvP events. Arms Race events force players to start with pistols and then scavenge for new weapons. Danger Zone takes players into a hazardous area where they are constantly bombarded with ultrasonic blasts, and must outrun them.

Other minor improvements include a day-night cycle for singleplayer, new HUD options for singleplayer, and even new and highly rewarding campaign challenges for players to complete.

The 2017 continuation of the iconic shooter property just keeps getting better, I have to wonder what else Ubisoft has planned in the next year.

Special Operation 4 is out now for PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One in Ghost Recon Wildlands.

Source: Ubisoft

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