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Disco Elysium gets hardcore mode and ultra-widescreen

Disco Elysium Hardcore

There’s a weird new CRPG on the market coming out of 2019, and it’s a surprising smash-hit. Disco Elysium takes the CRPG formula roaring into 2020 with it’s inventive takes on the genre, and one of the best stories to come out of the formula in years. By staying stoic in the face of change,  Disco Elysium might feel dated to those making a passing glance, but it’s so much more than a blend of TTRPG and modernized graphics.

The lack of any combat may seem like a negative, but the way that Disco Elysium builds it’s world and engages the player more than makes up for it all. The encounters system is very reminiscent of the tabletop RPGs that clearly inspired it. And of course, the grim and depressing world that acts as the backdrop for the game you’re playing will make you feel all kinds of emotions.

Disco Elysium’s developers ZA/UM have now improved on this idea with the latest patch. In short, the difficulty curve is about to go up a fair bit. The new hardcore mode makes everything tougher. There’s less money to be earned, and fewer chances to hone your skills. And speaking of money, item costs are going up in hardcore too. And that includes those very addictive substances. And speaking of addictions, cravings kick in more frequently.

The difficulty is marginally offset by increased XP that you receive for completing tasks via tokens, making leveling up a bit faster, but this isn’t the huge advantage you think it is. The encounters and checks the players have to overcome just got much harder as well.

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The new patch also introduces support for more resolution and display variants, meaning that more users with ultra-wide monitors should have less issues.

Check out the trailer detailing the new additions down below.

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