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Star Citizen Alpha 3.7 available to all backers, adds new gameplay features

Star Citizen Alpha

Cloud Imperium has released Star Citizen 3.7 to all backers, bringing an entirely new set of features and improvements to the game. The developer has included a ton of content, expanding pretty much every area of the game.

Over the years, this alpha has ballooned in scope, adding and sometimes removing a horde of features that increase the depth of the gameplay offered in Star Citizen. And with this patch, things are only getting deeper. The recent 3.6 patch added in the first glimpses of law and order in this digital universe, and with 3.7 it feels like CIG is pushing for more industrial development as well as refinements of existing mechanics.

The game is getting plenty of new content with this patch, in fact it’s a pretty huge amount of changes. Cloud Imperium has brought numerous additions, improvements and fixes to their flagship title. A bunch of modeling tweaks for the character modeling, lighting and a bunch of assets have made the final rendered scenes involving these assets more consistent. The developer also improved AI combat ship behavior overall, making the CPU more competent. Version 3.7 also improves the chat interface and multiple channel support for VOIP/FOIP.

In terms of new content though, there’s much more to talk about. Ship rental kiosks for REC are now in the universe of Star Citizen. There’s even a new Star Marine map for the FPS module being added in 3.7. A new FPS weapon and a new ship weapon add more combat options to the space adventure. Mining of minerals and other resources has finally been added to planets in the game. Here’s how CIG described it:

To mine minerals and crystals while on foot players will need the multi-tool plus a mining attachment, both can be found at Area18, Lorville, and Levski.  Once equipped players will be shown a UI interface for mining laser strength and fracture window similar to the mining mechanic on the Prospector.  Once the rock is fractured, valuable minerals will be broken off and can be hand collected and stowed in the player’s personal inventory.

The full patch notes for Alpha 3.7 are pretty lengthy, so I suggest visiting its official website. Check out the short teaser trailer CIG released for the update down below. The funding for the project continues to grow at a steady pace. As of writing Cloud Imperium Games has currently raised $237,673,962 from 2,378,818 backers overall.

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