Using seals to make better weapons in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity Review

This guide is meant more as an addendum to our guide about the basics of fusing weapons in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity. Read that first and then refer back to this guide for more details about the finer points of the system. With that out of the way, it’s time to begin and make some ultra-powerful weapons to eliminate Ganon.

Matching seals is the biggest part of the fusion of weapons in the game, bar none. Seal stacking and seal matching are some of the best ways to create powerful items when fusing weapons in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity. Fusing a weapon that fills up its ability slots with abilities that share the same seal will grant it a base bonus to stats and the new weapon should inherit the seal. The most powerful weapons will include five of the same seal type, or even the same exact seal.

Match and Stack all the time is the name of the game. In general, you want all five seals on a crafted weapon to match both the seal type and overall seal shape. This is the way to get the best boosts in a single weapon. Sure, you gain basic buffs to attack damage or other stats from just random combos, but it’s the most efficient use of weapons.

In the later game stages, you need to focus on getting as many weapons with the same seals that you want. This is why weapons lacking any seals at all should just be sold, barring one major exception. The potential for matching far outweighs keeping the minute value of keeping junk around. Keep an eye out for any sealless weapons that have high base attack. These can form the basis for some incredibly powerful weapons if you match enough seals on the other four weapons in the fusion. The trick is to forge the seals into the base weapon one at a time, so that the new weapon inherits a seal in each slot.

Seal Types

Each class of seal in the game is broken up into a category based on the shape of the seal. Seals have their own archetypes, so it helps to know what to expect from a given seal. You can match both seal tyes and the individual seals when fusing.

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Starburst Seals

These seals are all about increasing the damage you deal, these include:

  • Dash attack damage up
  • Flurry rush damage up
  • Increased damage to midair enemies
  • Midair attack damage up
  • Regular attack damage up
  • Special attack damage up
  • Strong attack damage up

Circular Seals

Circular seals are all about resource boosts. These include:

  • Battle EXP up
  • Battlefield material drop rate up
  • High weapon resell value bonus
  • Monster part drop rate up
  • Weapon fusion EXP up

Any weapon with sub EXP and other boosts on it can sell for a fair bit of cash, so maybe consider keeping these on hand to sell if you need money for the war effort.

Hexagonal Seals

Hexagonal seals focus on buffing your base stats when you do well in battle, these include:

  • Damage increase at full hearts
  • Damage reduction from enemy attacks
  • Damage increase per 100 Kos
  • Healing item drop rate up
  • Healing item effect up

Square Seals

Square seals are all about being aggressive and charging into battle to slay thousands, these include:

  • Attack range up
  • Attack speed up
  • Chance to auto guard
  • Damage at 30% hearts or less up
  • Perfect dodge timing window up
  • Special attack charge rate up

General recommendations

  • Focus on creating a few different weapons for each character that you like to play. Have a farming weapon with good resource drops, and then a battle weapon focused on DPS.
  • Make sure to match the weapon type and style to the characters, no use wasting a good Special Attack weapon on a character that just spams basic Strong attacks.
  • Always aim to have five seal slots filled on the weapons when finished crafting them.
  • Skip EXP up Seals as they are outclassed by paid training.
  • Conditional damage seals and other specialized seals have very limited utility, consider avoiding them unless they’re a great fit the style you play.
  • Consider focusing on attack range and attack speed for characters that fight at range. Having the ability to nuke an enemy from far off is incredibly useful.
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