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Grim Dawn testing for another expansion after “Ashes of Malmouth”


What’s doing on in Grim Dawn since the release of its well-received Ashes of Malmouth expansion last month? Quite a lot, actually. Crate says it’s been working on another large update that’s already in testing and due “to go live in the next two weeks.”

“This patch will address many reported issues, whether that’s concerning loot, questing, items or otherwise,” the studio told players yesterday. “It will also bring with it some overall balance adjustments and improvements to the new Components introduced in Ashes of Malmouth.”

The update will also work to improve skill responsiveness and “dramatically improve Grim Dawn’s functionality with a controller” on your PC, which Crate calls “another major step towards getting Grim Dawn onto the Xbox.”

Following that update, the team will be rolling out two new arenas for players who already purchased the Crucible DLC and boost difficulty in that mode. The team is also working on adding new dungeon content to the game overall.

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