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Dungeon Legends II Launches January 2022

Dungeon Legends II: Tale of Light and Shadow

A new dungeon crawler is about to be unleashed with the launch of Dungeon Legends II. Players get to take on the adventure lovingly crafted by Dreaming Wizard Games when the game launches in January 2022. Here’s what we know about this upcoming loveletter to the MMO and RPG genres on mobile devices.

The full title of this mobile RPG is Dungeon Legends II: Tale of Light and Shadow. Dungeon Legends 2 immerses players in a dark world filled with beasts and monsters. Having to take on a plethora of different threats, there’s no end to the challenges, and rewads. Looot aplenty can be uncovered, with more than 700 items scattered across the sprawling dungeon. Players will have to train up and fight their way through 12 levels in the dungeon, hoping to strike powerful treasure along the way.

The game has been in the works as a sequel for several years. It’s clear a lot of that time went into getting the game’s atmosphere right. The big draw aside from the monsters and loot is the detailed and intricate worlds. Players will have to explore the depths and try to survive the horrors they find.

Dungeon Legends II: Tale of Light and Shadow will launch in January 2022 for iOS and Android devices. There will also be a port for the Windows Store it seems.

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