How to complete the Cosmic Explorer Challenge in BitLife

How To Complete the Cosmic Explorer Challenge in BitLife

With each week in BitLife, there are new things to get done. The weekly challenges have stacked up over the years, and that means there’s always something to do. The Challenge Vault also adds all the historical challenges, that way you don’t miss something. The challenge this week has a lot of RNG to it, as well as some unique mechanics. Those players looking to launch into a new digital career and complete the Cosmic Explorer Challenge in BitLife will want to use this guide.

Keep reading to learn a bit more about this unique new challenge. There’s a lot to this one, so come prepared.

How to complete the Cosmic Explorer Challenge in BitLife

Here’s the steps you need to complete to get this done:

  • Become a famous astronaut
  • Launch 2+ probes
  • Get on 1+ Mars missions
  • Collect 2+ Artifacts from space
  • Win a Noble Prize

This time around, you’ll need to prepare a fair bit to get this done, as your character needs to spend some time trying to get into a very unique career. Having a character with high Smarts is key, as you’re going to need to head to University and earn a STEM degree to qualify for the later steps.  To get a STEM degree in BitLife, enter university and go for any science, technology, engineering, or mathematics major.

When you start in life, focus on keeping that Smarts value as high as you can, and then you’re going to want to get a very good job. Get into university and be sure to use the Study Hard option to do well. Once you graduate, get a high-paying job and work a few years, banking like $100,000 or more to be able to afford lessons and other costs.

Go into the Assets tab once you have enough cash, then Go Shopping. Scroll to the bottom for the aviation-related dealers, and find something to buy, you will then be prompted to take lessons as you don’t have the required license. Do this until you’ve taken 40 hours of lessons, which will cost about $5,000. Getting a Pilot’s License is the next step. Once you’ve taken the test and aced it, you can apply to Space Academy.

How to become a famous astronaut

This is the first and only real challenge that you need to prepare for, the rest of the steps are somewhat random, but getting into this job is going to be tough. You also need a fair amount of cash to apply. It takes two years and costs $27,000 to be able to apply for the US Space Academy in BitLife. Go into the Occupation tab, then click Special Careers, then Space Academy to do so.

During this time, it’s a good idea to make your Social Media accounts in the assets menu and start posting to them while you’re in Space Academy. This will help increase your fame a little bit, and if you time it right, you should unlock the menu when you’re an astronaut. Just post a couple times while you’re in training, then kick it into overdrive when you become a fully-fledged astronaut.

During these two years, you’ll have to train to perform well enough for graduation. At first, the bar will appear red to signal a failing grade, but you can raise it high enough for the bar to turn green. You’ll find three different training options in the Space Academy:

  • Fitness Training
  • Flight Training
  • Technical Training

You will need to go into each menu and train well in all three areas. You will be given dropdowns when you click on each of the training areas, make sure to work on each item presented once per year to have the greatest chance at success. The mini-games you’ll play will be pretty recognizable. The flight training sim is just Flappy Bird, for example. The technical training is the hardest part, but when it doubt, Google is your friend to answer the questions you’ll be asked to deal with. Or, you could use our Technical Training Answers in BItLife guide.

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Once you successfully graduate from the Space Academy, you can then apply to become an astronaut, and you’re good to begin your career in space exploration.

Going on Missions

Once you get the job, you need to do basic missions to increase in rank. To unlock probes, you must be a captain, while Mars missions are accessible at General rank. You can launch probes from the Job menu, so do that later. This will help get your experience up for later missions. Missions are also found in that menu. When you choose to launch a probe, you will be asked to assign your budget based on three areas of the mission. Try and spread the budget between the three areas. If you dump more money into Technical Equipment, you might find lots of discoveries, but the probe may not last long.

When you choose a mission type, you will see a Risk bar – the higher the risk, the more likely something will go wrong. You can only do one mission per year, so do a Mars mission first once you’ve done a couple of the easier ones. There will be various missions listed there, if you see one relevant to the challenge, do that one first, starting with the easier ones.

When you go into a mission, you will be presented with a rating of your overall stats and performance for the mission. Hopefully, you did well in training to max these out. During the actual mission, random events will happen and you’ll be asked what you want to do. You can volunteer to deal with the problem, ask another crew member to deal with it, or just YOLO it. If you’re highly skilled at a certain task, doing it yourself is the best option. You might also have to contend with the mini-games from time to time, so be prepared.

How to collect 2+ Artifacts from space

This is another random event that you need to rely on to get this step done. The Cosmic Explorer Challenge in BitLife will throw a lot of experiences at you as you venture into the stars, so be ready. When you complete a mission as an astronaut, you will be presented with various items and discoveries found during your various spacewalks and other activities. There’s a chance that one of the listed items will be an artifacts from space. You will likely need to go on a few missions to have this happen, choose easier missions to minimize risk.

Win a Noble Prize in BitLife

This is yet another random event, but not as random as you might think. Remember those probes you messed with earlier, that’s what you need to spend your time doing.

When you get a Discovery, you’ll be asked if you want to scan it for new information or anomalies. With the Cosmic Explorer Challenge in BitLife, the best course of action is to focus entirely on doing this as much as you can. The more probes you send up, the more discoveries you’ll get. And each one will need to be studied to see if you get findings worth putting out there. When you do, be sure to click Publish your findings. You might get to do cool stuff like name planets or other astral elements. Launch a bunch of probes and then devote your time to analyzing and publishing the findings. Eventually, if you get lucky, you will win a Noble Prize in BitLife.

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