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Super Mario Maker 2 Update Ver. 2 adds Zelda content

Super Mario Maker 2 Announced

A surprising addition to Super Mario Maker 2 comes with this new version update. Super Mario Maker 2 is getting into the realm of Zelda content for some reason, with the addition of the legendary Master Sword, and even Link himself. There are other new additions like new block types and even a brand new game mode.

New content is always welcome for the incredibly creative community surrounding this game. Players from the original game, who managed to do crazy things like build full turn-based RPG battles in-game, have brought forth all their creative ambitions into Super Mario Maker 2. The inclusion of some new items will certainly aid the process of creating crazy and incredibly difficult levels for the fanbase. There’s more to the update than just Zelda content, but many fans just want to get their hands on The Legend of Zelda‘s Master Sword. Combined with the bow and a transformation into Link himself, players will be able to use the iconic weapons to solve puzzles and grab loot.

New block types will also be coming in with this update. The P Block will integrate with the P Switch, and make connected blocks unbreakable for a limited time. I foresee some interesting mucking about with pathing and player expectations coming soon. The Super Mario 3D World palette will also get another new Block, the Dash, which offers a temporary speed boost.

Finally, a new mode is coming to Super Mario Maker 2, Ninji Speedruns. It’s essentially a racing mode where players compete to set the best time on unique courses. Ninji Speedruns will require a Nintendo Switch Online subscription, so bad news there.

A previous patch introduced full multiplayer functionality. Switch gamers could engage in both cooperative and competitive multiplayer as of that update, and that’s in addition to the sharing features that allowed users to share created maps.

The free update to the Switch title is due to drop for all users on December 5th. Super Mario Maker 2 is out now for the Switch.

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