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Destiny 2 Braytech Transponder Guide

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There’s this really annoying Fallen called Eramis that’s hellbent on messing things up for the Guardians in Destiny 2. He’s become entrenched in a new zone added to the game following the Deep Stone Crypt raid, and things are weird. You need to head into the new Europa Eclipsed Zone and root him out. One of the new mechanics you will need to deal with are the Braytech Transponder and its scanner buff.

What is the Braytech Transponder

The Braytech Transponder is a weekly item that opens up access to a unique enemy called the House of Salvation Techno Squad Leader. You need to take them out. First things first, you need to gather 50 Herealways Pieces to pay for the Braytech Transponder. Take those to Variks and you can begin.

Keep in mind that the zone the new enemy spawns in will change, and he can spawn anywhere within the new zone each week. During each weekly event you will be sent around to hunt for clues to finding his location. This week involves hunting a bunch of drones in a few locations in the game world to find some special items.

 Augment: Bray Exoscience Triumph

And if you’re looking for specific goals, like the Augment: Bray Exoscience Triumph, it’s pretty easy to find. You will need to head into the  Europa Eclipsed Zone to begin. Use the Transponder and look at the readout on it. It should say something like  “Scanner (Riss-Reborn Sector) x3.” Each week, that bit will change to give you a clue where to go to find the target squad. That x3 is the stacks remaining for the Scanner Buff. You need to remove the Scanner buff completely to finish the quest.

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You will need to hunt a pack of mixed enemies, including Fallen and a unique invisible boss. That boss is your target, and you need to take down the adds first. Once the adds and the boss are down, it’s time to go hunting for something else. Make sure to grab the item that the boss drops.

The next step to finding the augment is to head into Bray Exoscience and look for the flying drones. There are a handful of black drones and one golden one. Start by taking out the first golden one, and one of the others will shift to that color. Continue chasing them and taking them all out. When you’re done, there’s a console that should be highlighted nearby.

After that, head around to the waypoints and take out the groups of drones in the same manner. You will need to take out three different groups of drones in all. Once you take out all three groups visit each marked console. This should complete the Triumph. Each time you eliminate a squad of drones, the Scanner Buff should also go down.

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