How to become a famous chef in BitLife

There are many different paths you can take in BitLife. Players can take many paths and earn a truly unique digital life. The game has a mountain of different tasks you can complete for special rewards as well. A lot of the time, it’s going to get to be a bit annoying if you don’t know what you’re doing. One such task is to become a famous chef in BitLife. This career is a bit more reliant on RNG, as you need to get the job to show up in the menus, and that’s not always guaranteed. Getting an entry-level career in any job is easy, as long as you know what to do. Like every other job in the game, outside of the various Special Careers, you kind of have to rely on RNG, and keep at it.

How to get the chef job in BitLife

The job system in this game is really dependent on RNG. You need to help your odds a bit, for one thing, you need to get the right degree. First, you need to get a college education. The major doesn’t matter too much since there are no culinary degrees for you to earn in college. You need Community College, which is a two-year degree in-game. Focus on building up your Smarts skill in High School by doing things like reading books, going to the library, and using the work harder option within the School menu.

Once you get past High School, go to college for any degree, maybe try finding a relevant option.

When you go to apply for a job, seek out an entry-level position in the restaurant career. If you see a job that has anything other than Chef listed in the Career line, you need to avoid it. There will be irrelevant jobs like Busser, Host and other things that you don’t want. These won’t allow you to become a chef. If you can’t get the job to show up, refresh the app via aging up to get the list of jobs to rehash and show you new selections.

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How to become a famous chef in BitLife

When trying to get famous, consider social media, to help grow your fame. You can become pretty famous using social media accounts to grow your following. Go into the Assets tab and open up social media accounts on the various platforms. This will help over time, but you should focus primarily on your chef career. The idea with this part is to maximize your overall impact on the digital society. Post content on your social media a couple of times per in-game year and you’re good.

You will need to continue this career for some time. Just use the option to work harder within the Occupations tab and you will get further ahead. After a few years, you will eventually unlock the fame menu. This will mark you having become a famous chef in BitLife, as well as unlock new options. You can write books, make TV appearances and more, all to make some cold, hard cash.

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