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Tencent will work to adapt Rainbow Six Siege for Chinese market

Rainbow Six Siege

The Chinese market is a very complex sector of the entertainment and gaming industry. The requirements of international companies are very stringent, and a few months ago they got even tougher. SAPP, or the State Administration of Press and Publication, enforces various regulations in China regarding the release and control of foreign-produced content. This is ostensibly to control the flow of information into the country and prevent subversion, although critics cite it as one of many ways China seeks to control its population.

For video games. there are usually restrictions placed on titles that are both cultural and political in origin. For games like Rainbow Six Siege to be approved for Chinese distribution, they would have to strip out depictions of corpses, as well as blood effects and other forms of violent content. But now, a report from PCGamesN shows that Tencent is aiming to do just that.

The efforts to adapt Rainbow Six Siege to Chinese players and the conditions set by censors. Tencent is in a prime position to get the job done. Tencent is also the company that helped launch PlayerUnknown’s: Battleground in China, as well as having invested stakes in a variety of international ventures. So they possess plenty of experience with keeping these kinds of projects on track and delivering an acceptable level of quality.

That international influence has of course landed Tencent and their partners in hot water before. As some gamers sought to blame China through Tencent for controversies like the banning of Blitzchung. Although that latter part can definitely be criticized as overreach as Chinese officials and policy aren’t the same thing as a private enterprise like Tencent.

Returning to Rainbow Six Siege, it’s definitely a herculean task to properly retool the shooter for Chinese tastes and policy. But given that Tencent has experience in this area before, it seems like they can pull it off. Ubisoft had also previously committed to altering some level designs and other effects, leading to suspicions that a more restrained port of the game was due at some point. Ubisoft has also cracked down on toxic behavior in Siege, suggesting that they’re aiming for a more receptive attitude for the game.

If you want to see the game in action, check it out down below.

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