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Steam users can now choose to ‘ignore’ curators they don’t like

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Steam is being updated once again to make its user experience more appealing. Valve has previously updated their Curator system to make it easier to find content from those groups that you follow. Now there’s a new option that does precisely the opposite, by enabling Steam users to ignore curators whose suggestions aren’t making the grade for you.

Steam Curators are individuals or organizations that use the feature to make recommendations for their followers or fans. The feature is meant to be a source of trusted information, but some people may not want to see information from some sources. So if you don’t want recommendations from certain sites, this new update is great for you.

Take note that you cannot ignore curators from their curator page, as the option is only available from the list of recommended curators on your own “Steam Curators” page. If you change your mind, it’s the opposite: You’ll have to go to the curator’s page to uncheck the “ignore” box.

Also, if you ignore a large enough number of Curators, Steam will completely stop recommending new ones to you.

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