Will Ultra Unlock weeks be available for non-ticket holders of Pokémon Go Fest 2020

How to get all Ultra Unlock weeks during Pokémon Go Fest 2020

Some fans were wondering if they would get access to the rewards for Ultra Unlock weeks in Pokémon Go, even if they didn’t have a ticket in Go Fest 2020. Those who did have a ticket got to take part in unique events that unlocked for a few key players. These 32 Global Challenges offered a high-end goal to complete, and players managed it. The series of challenges was tied to global spawns of certain new species and Shiny variants. Although they unlocked for all players, rare spawns were actually only available to those who bought tickets.

Each Ultra Unlock week includes special spawns from multiple regions, so catching them would have been a great bonus for everyone. Here’s how Niantic described the unlocks in their blog on the topic:

Trainers will have 32 global challenges they can work together to complete in the Global Challenge Arena. Every eight challenges that are collectively completed will unlock one additional Ultra Unlock event week, up to a total of three events. When Pokémon GO Fest 2020 begins, you’ll be able to track Global Challenge Arena progress in the Today View.

The first week features Dragon-types, the second being Pokémon of mysterious origins. And future weeks will feature other types as well. All in all, a really cool incentive to get event-goers engaged with the game. So that left a burning question, will future Ultra Unlock week rewards be broadcast out across the entire game?

The details are vast, but it’s been clarified that the system is actually very simple. Even if you didn’t unlock an event ticket, you would not be locked out of rewards. Niantic has made it so that while the Ultra Unlock challenges had to be completed by Go Fest 2020 attendees, the rewards and benefits of the Ultra Unlock weeks are available to all.

So get ready for some fun as you get to hunt down special spawns and unique rewards in the newest Ultra Unlock week.

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