How to craft a Busting Tool in Grounded

How to craft a Busting Tool in Grounded

The Busting Tool in Grounded is a class of tools, much like the Chopping Tool, used for very specific tasks in the game. There are multiple Tiers of tools and resources in the game, so the basic tools will only really be useful for Tier I crafting, or just the basic tools and structures. The class of tools each have their own uses. You need Chopping Tools for some applications, and Busting ones for others. The most basic of these is the Tier I Pebblet Hammer.

From there, you will want to focus on finding Tier II and beyond resources. Take these back to any crafting computers and analyze them. And yes, like all the other recipes in the game, the basic tools must also be unlocked by scanning Tier I resources. These are the basic resources you will find scattered around the starting area. Be sure to set your respawn point regularly to keep coming back here if you do die.

Here are the three resources you need to make the basic Busting Tool in Grounded, the Pebblet Hammer. Once you have all three resources, just head into the Crafting menu, and look in the tools section. The Pebblet Hammer doesn’t need a Crafting Bench, it can just be made inside the menu. Once you have the resources, just do it and move on.

  • Sprig x 3
  • Pebblet x 4
  • Woven Fiber x 1
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Sprigs are found all over the place. Just look on the ground for small leaves. These can also be found as medium-sized plants with single stem leaves. This is different from Weed Stem, which is a tier II resource.


Pebblets are a very basic Tier 1 resource, found all over the map. Just find some and gather them up. These are usually found nearby to large groups of stones and boulders. Check any you find and grab a handful of Pebblets.

Woven Fiber

For the Woven Fiber, you need to analyze Plant Fiber in the computer. Take it back there once you find some and it should unlock the Woven Fiber recipe for crafting in the Materials tab of the Crafting menu.

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