Where To Find Pricey Shoots In Monster Hunter Rise

Get Monster Keenbone in Monster Hunter Rise

Pricey Shoots In Monster Hunter Rise are one of the many crafting and quest materials you need in abundance. You may also need them for some quests, like the “A Token of Gratitude” quest. You just need to find two of them for that quest, but they can be difficult to track down. Use this guide to learn where to find Pricey Shoots in Monster Hunter Rise.

Where To Find Pricey Shoots In Monster Hunter Rise

You will find the most common spawns of Pricey Shoots nearby to areas 4 and 7 in the Shrine Ruins. You will need to make some clever use of your Wirebug to get to the spots though. Just north of Area 1 is a small rock formation that you can climb up onto. Use your wirebug to get up on the area and you can find some Pricey Shoots in the resource nodes nearby.

The outcropping to the north of Area 7 is another area you can Wirebug up to. Once you hop down from the spot near Area 1, head around to that spot just at the edge of the rock formation in the southern part of Area 7. The final most common spawn is found in the rocks between areas 7 and 8.

The two red circles on the map below denote the general areas to head to. You can also get the resource from any of the yellow nodes marked in that area.

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Where To Find Pricey Shoots In Monster Hunter Rise

You may also get lucky and get a Meowcenary route that spawns these items, although it’s a very rare drop if it does happen. Other items can be found, along with this one, via the Meoqcenaries. The likes of Big Fin can sometimes be dropped from certain routes. You get very random drops though, so there’s no guarantee to get monster parts. Monster Broth is another cool drop you can get via these automated hunts.

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