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EVE Online reveals plans for Winter season in new video

Trillions of ISK destroyed in X47L-Q

CCP has just dropped a ton of new plans and incoming changes to EVE Online. Led by these changes is the upcoming debut of Invasion Chapter 2. But that’s just the beginning. The login events are set to begin soon, so be ready to grab those sweet free Skill Points.

CCP also announced a bunch of other plans as well for current and future patches. The new shareable bookmarks system is the big new draw. This patch cycle will also introduce improvements to UI elements across the board, as well as performance optimization to high-traffic areas like Jita. Visual tweaks to warp tunnels and Stargates follow previous improvements to wormholes in an effort by CCP to make the game prettier.

Check out some of their plans in the trailer below.

Shared Bookmarks and Access Lists

Players will now be able to share bookmarks, or points in space they can warp to, across different organizational levels. The release date for these is set for November 26th. Corporation and Alliance bookmarks will now be a default part of the game. The existing bookmarks folders will be retrofitted into a new system that mimics the look and usability approach of fitting sharing and similar features.

CCP has attempted to turn every corporation location folder into a shared folder, but as CCP stated in their dev blog, every corporation has different bookmarking systems. But the differences have made it rather hard to ensure complete uniformity. The naming conventions across different organizations will lead to some confusion for players, hopefully player groups are up to the task of adapting existing stores of bookmarks to the new system. CCP has also made sure to implement access control to help mitigate abuse.

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And just like other access control features in EVE, there’s multiple levels of access for people to assign:

  • View: Gives the ability to view bookmarks in the shared folder and warp to them
  • Use: Gives the ability to add locations, edit and delete the locations they add and copy locations from one folder to another
  • Manage: Gives the ability to edit and remove bookmarks and subfolders in the shared folder
  • Admin: Gives the ability to delete and rename the shared folder and change who has access to the shared folder

And to prevent clutter, CCP is putting some controls in place. First, there is a limit to how many folders you can have online at a time and how many bookmarks you can have in each folder. The limitations are as follows:

  • Locations in a shared folder = 500
  • Locations in a personal folder = 3,000
  • Maximum online shared location folders = 3
  • Maximum online personal location folders = 5
  • Maximum location folders created and existing = 30
  • Maximum location folders connected = 30

Excessive bookmarks and folders will be grouped into bundles capped at 3,000 per grouping. There’s also a hard cap of 20,000 bookmarks at the player level. The labeling system for bookmarks has also been given an expiry system, allowing Alliances to setup temporary bookmarks, say for when they’re operating in a war zone and the fronts change.

Source: CCP

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