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How vehicle tuning and car customization in Gran Turismo 7 works

Music Rally mode in Gran Turismo 7

The transition to the next-gen of PS5 has had a lot of impact on Gran Turismo 7. With 400+ cars and 90+ tracks to race around with at launch, there’s already a ton to do. Sony and the developer have also committed to adding more content over time. The new online system for GT7 puts players into two groups. With more defined segregation between casual and competitive play, both modes get their own modes to mess around with. There are also a lot of cars that you can tune.

The number of cars contained within the game will grow over time as well. So you have a lot to learn. With every new Gran Turismo game, developer Polyphony Digital has slowly been making the car customization much more interesting. This new game has added a dedicated shop for parts that players must buy to make use of. Players can tweak the tires, brakes, look and driving feel of the car; but that’s just the beginning. The performance and overall power of the engine is also part of car customization in Gran Turismo 7.

What can you customize in Gran Turismo 7?

You can alter pretty much anything when it comes to both under the hood and the exterior look. But first, you must head to the parts shop. When you open up the garage in-game you can choose all of your cars and what parts you wish to bolt-on or remove. Once players have bought parts, they can head into the customization menu. You can head into the Tuning Shop to make changes. You will of course have to race for Credits in the Campaign or online modes to get these. But once you have your parts picked out, it’s simple to install them. When you choose a part to swap, an overview of what stats will be affected is shown.

You can check out more via the State of Play deep dive, seen below.

The air filters, brake pads, tires and pretty much anything else can be swapped on the car. This has been the MO for the franchise for a while now. As you progress deeper into the game, more parts become unlocked. The rub is that other racers also have these parts, so races get tough to deal with.

Aside from when just swapping a part, you can also get a general overview of how your car performs. Dyno tests and other measurements can be taken to get better accurate data as well. The amount of detail that players can change is pretty intense. And the feedback they get for doing so is great. From ratings of the overall competitiveness of the car, to its ability to control turns and braking, pro racers get a lot of information.

How vehicle tuning and car customization works in Gran Turismo 7

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