How to beat the Stonedigger Troll in Elden Ring

Elden Ring: How To Beat The Stonedigger Troll

There are many single bosses in Elden Ring‘s Dungeons, called Field Bosses. And since Elden Ring loves to reuse boss archetypes and models, the player may end up fighting a lot of the same enemies. But often, the field bosses have a unique twist of some kind. One such boss is the Stonedigger Troll, a rotten fire giant that inhabits the depths of a corrupted mine. You first fight this variant in the Limgrave zone, very early in the game. Another Stonedigger Troll boss can be found at the end of the Old Altus Tunnel dungeon. Use this guide to learn all the attacks of this beast, and how to beat it.

How to beat the Stonedigger Troll in Elden Ring

To reach the Limgrave version of this boss, you need to find and fight your way through the Limgrave Tunnels. The Limgrave Tunnels can be located on the northern area of the Agheel Lake, just south from “Agheel Lake North” grace. This area is loaded with fire-based miner enemies and a few spell casters. The area itself is a web of mining tunnels that you have to use elevators to navigate.

The zone is filled with enemies that you must two-hand wield your weapon to fight. If you fight one-handed, your hits will bounce off, leaving you open to attack.  Two handing your weapon can be done with the following buttons:

  • PlayStation 4/5 – Triangle + R1/L1 or R2/L2
  • Xbox One/Xbox Series X/S – Y + RB/LB or RT/LT
  • PC – E + LMB/RMB

The miners are easy to sneak up on and backstab, but it’s the casters and lantern holders in later areas that pose a threat. And that’s without mentioning the massive Stonedigger Troll boss. Fortunately, this optional boss is susceptible to blunt weapons, ranged weapons, and magic. You can use Glintstone consumables to get free damage if you have them. Although if you’re fighting this boss very early on, consider using something like a Flail to get good hits in.

When you first enter the zone, and reach the first elevator, you have two options. You could ride the elevator down and clear out the lower regions of the dungeon. When you’re riding the elevator down, look for a tunnel that the elevator passes by. This is the path to the boss. You will need to roll off of the elevator to land on the next tunnel. Go through this zone, watching out for the lantern-wielders that spew flame. When you go down another series of elevators, you will reach a pair of wooden doors. Open these doors to face the massive boss.

Like every boss in the game, this one has a set of attacks to watch out for. Keep reading to learn the attack pattern of the Stonedigger Troll.

Standard Slam

This attack is a basic and pretty slow slam with their club. It is very slow and players can avoid getting hit entirely by simply running in the opposite direction of it. You can roll into the legs of the beast, get a free hit in, then keep moving out of its range. Be careful though, as the boss will immediately launch into another series of attacks based around stomps and sweeps with its club if you get too close.

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Sweep Combos

The bos s has a few variants of sweeping attack. One is a wind-up attack where the troll will drag its hand across the ground, then slam its club. Another adds a foot stomp to that combo. These are pretty easy to learn if you just stay back and observe the boss for a bit. Once you know the pattern, you can try to get damage in. Just don’t get too greedy.

While you’re doing your dodging to avoid his sweeping attacks, dodge into him and keep under his legs. The best option here is to get 1-2 quick hits in, then roll away and keep your distance. Mostly as he likes to unleash a withering combo that starts with slamming their foot down. When you see them raising up their leg, move away. Make sure to keep a fair bit of distance to avoid the giant sweep with their club. As stated above, the boss will often combo the standard slam into a flurry of attacks with sweeps and stomps.

Foot Slam Combo

When the player is very close to the Troll, they will raise their foot up and slam it down, knocking the player down. This will then be immediately followed by a slamming attack with their giant club. This and the next attack listed will occur more often in the latter half of the fight, when the Stonedigger Troll is under 50% HP. Be careful in this phase, as these hits track the player, so don’t stand still.

Slam Tantrum

One of the more deadly combos will see from the Stonedigger is the Slam Tantrum. When they don’t hit the player a few times, they fly into a major rage. When they do, they will hop around and slam the ground multiple times in a circle. Basically the entire area around the boss is unsafe during this time. It would be quite hard to rush in as a melee player, but spellcasters and ranged fighters can get in a few good hits here.

Club Explosion

This is the attack you need to watch out for. Keep your distance after the Slam Tantrum, as this attack is about to come out. The Stonedigger Troll will wind up a huge slam that explodes out around the impact. He will then delay for a second to charge a huge explosion. When you see the Slams finish, run to the edges of the arena farthest away from the boss. The explosion sends the entire floor of the arena jutting out, sending the player flying. This is the most dangerous attack and will one-shot weaker characters. You need to be far away from the boss before the club is pulled out of the ground.

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