Watch Dogs Legion Borough – How to make a Borough Defiant

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The Watch Dogs Legion Borough is a key mechanic in the new game. You’re back in the struggle with DedSec, and it’s your task to help build an army capable of taking down the technocratic nightmare that’s oppressing the city of London. The nightmare posited by earlier games in the franchise has gone global, and things are spinning out of control.

Once you’re ready to begin, make sure you’ve completed the tutorial, You will need to get through the first few hours of the game to unlock the defiance mechanic. Do that first, and then you will be introduced to the system by a basic mission. Complete that to get started.

Making a Watch Dogs Legion Borough defiant is a pretty set process. For each Borough, there are a few key things to keep in mind. Each borough has a set of missions that can be completed to trigger the status. Most regions have a mix of eight different types. You can check the borough map through the menu and see the following mission types if they are present.

  • Collect Evidence
  • Digital Defense
  • Disrupt Propaganda 
  • Hack cTOS Hubs
  • Neutralize VIP
  • Photo Evidence
  • Rescue Freedom Fighter
  • Sabotage

Completing these mission types will fill up the meter on the top of the borough map. When that meter fills to 100%, you will be able to make a Borough Defiant. So in short, just seek out the random side missions and complete them as you go through the game.

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Another approach is to seek out the Uprising missions—the ones highlighted in red on the map of the area— that can help trigger a region to into the defiant state.

Watch Dogs Legion has a bunch of other mechanics in the loop as well. It’s probably a good idea to figure out how the operative system works as well. We put together a list of the best recruits for your cause in the game. That way when you know how to turn a Borough Defiant, you know which ones to target. Many recruits in the game are locked behind their own unique missions as well. These may or may not depend on turning a borough defiant, depending on the recruit in each case.

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