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A new PSVR is coming, after PS5 launch


So it turns out that Sony is still committed to getting PSVR over with the console fans. And even though the VR platform struggled with some growing pains due to latency and tracking issues, which are admittedly huge problems in VR, it seems like Sony has a plan to avoid these problems on the next generation of console hardware with the PS5.

During a recent interview with CNET, Sony tipped their hand though, revealing that the company is planning a new iteration of the PSVR, but it is still in early stages. The company admits that hardware limitations plague the PS4 version, but that they have a plan for dealing with them.

Another interview with Wired featuring Sony console architect Mark Cerney made it clear that the current headset would function with the PS5. But the plan appears to be to remove the Move controls and release new streamlined and control options with a new version. The PS5 version of the VR hardware would also support eye tracking and other cool features.

Sony’s Global Head of R&D Dominic Mallinson, had the following to say about the future plans for the VR effort:

We do want it to be lighter weight, and easier to put on, less cables, less mess. Wireless suffers from the issue of being expensive. If you don’t care about cables, then it’s a lot cheaper than to have a wireless system. But at the same time, having wireless just makes you so much more free.

This all implies that while the next version of the PSVR hardware is a ways off, Sony isn’t quite abandoning the PS4 iteration just yet. No details about prices or release dates for the new version of PSVR have been revealed yet. The introduction of wireless capability has some serious potential to reshape the current landscape for VR competition assuming Sony can deal with latency issues while also offering a serious library of good games. And of course, the price will also be a major deciding factor in who comes out on top in the next round of the struggle for VR dominance.

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