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Overcooked 2 announces Campfire Cookoff DLC

Overcooked 2 Announces Campfire Cookoff DLC

Overcooked 2, the zany and over-the-top sequel really boiled over with insanity and friendship-ruining fun when it launched for Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in August 2018. Players took their camper van across the Onion Kingdom, cooking a wide array of dishes with up to 4 players handling cutting, prep, cooking and cleaning in a flaming mess of insanity and entertainment.

Team17 and Ghost Town Games have made a really excellent co-op title all about cooking simple dishes that quickly spirals out of control. Overcooked 2 is just a good game, and it’s about to get better with a new DLC expansion called Campfire Cookoff. The new DLC adds 12 new levels, each with their own dishes, new playable chefs and some mysterious new mechanics.

Here’s the official blurb:

The Onion King has joined the Cookie Scouts in his latest bid to appease his kingdom after raising the Unbread and he wants you to help him make amends. Campfire Cook Off sees players head into the forests of the Onion Kingdom to cook under the stars. This brand new DLC boasts a whole heap of content; new kitchens, new chefs, new recipes and new mechanics!

Overcooked 2 is also getting a Season Pass, which will serve up two new DLCs later in the year. The announcement also teased that two more pieces of DLC are coming in 2019, which is just tasty. The season pass, which should be named seasoning pass by the way, is priced for £14.99 on April 18 for all platforms. That is the same day that Campfire Cookoff drops on all platforms too.

The base game of Overcooked 2 includes a progressive difficulty curve across multiple levels. Players must juggle everything from prepping Sushi to baking pizza and everything in between. And because Team 17 are diabolically devious, they devised a variety of mechanics that throw a wrench in the works, from wonky conveyor belts to flamethrowers and teleporters all getting in the way of your efficient cooking.

Check out the zesty new DLC trailer down below.

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