Best Recruits in Watch Dogs: Legion

Best Recruits in Watch Dogs: Legion

Recruits in Watch Dogs: Legion are one of the biggest mechanics in the game. As you fight back to take control of the digital battlefield that is London, you will need to grow your ranks. You do this by completing missions to recruit random civilians, police and other potential allies to your cause. Each one of these NPCs will have their own unique set of skills, and managing them is kind of difficult. You will want to use this guide to learn the basics of the system, as well as the best recruits in Watch Dogs: Legion.

How to recruit people in Watch Dogs: Legion

When you first begin the game, you need to build up your DedSec operatives. Each operator has their own unique abilities, and can be useful in different situations. When you find someone you’re interested in, walk up to them and press the Triangle or Y button. This will reveal a bunch of details about them including their in-game abilities.

Holding down R1 or RB places this character onto the list of candidates for recruits in Watch Dogs: Legion. Once you’re happy with your choice, press Triangle or Y on console to move them along in the recruitment process. You will want to keep a few things in mind though.

When you profile a potential operative, you need to look deeper into their profile. Sometimes you will see a thumbs-down or thumbs-up icon on their profile. These characters either like or dislike DedSec, depending on which icon they have. But just because they don’t like DedSec doesn’t mean you cannot recruit them.

You can use the Deep Profiler upgrade to unlock potential side missions to recruit these reluctant fighters. This app is also really useful for getting to take a deeper look at the perks in the game. Learning which perks are good by being able to read their full stats is really helpful.

Watch Dogs Legion Recruits Guide

Which ones to pick in the early game?

Like the Operatives that you will encounter during the game, you will find a bunch of random perks on each recruit. The best perks can often be found on some very difficult recruits. Potential candidates include police officers, palace guards, and even Albion employees that can dislike DedSec, meaning that you will need to put some effort into those aforementioned side missions.

You normally won’t have access to the tools needed to recruit these people though. When you first start up your candidate list will be populated with a variety of different positive and negative perks. For example, Doomed and Flatulent are some of the worst perks in the game as they make missions way too hard to stealth. You could also find recruits with tech skills with Drones that are really useful. The ability to scout ahead or disable enemies is super powerful.

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You might also want to consider having a recruit or two with their own personal weapons. A heavily armed recruit can get some really powerful foes out of the way with a handy SMG.

Where to find recruits in Watch Dogs: Legion

You can find potential DedSec members in various locations throughout the game. Depending on which area you’re in, the types of recruits you find are rather varied. The DedSec AI will help with scouting a ton of candidates. The candidates picked out for you are some pretty good ones, as they often have positive perks.

The best time to recruit is when a Borough turns Defiant. When this happens, the likelihood of finding favorable recruits in Watch Dogs: Legion goes up a fair bit. Always be sure to do a dive on their profile to check their perks and such.

You can also complete an Uprising Mission after a Borough is Defiant to unlock a super-powerful recruit. These are some of the best recruits in the game, but also have very tough missions involved with getting them. When you get deeper into the game, more of these red missions will pop up, complete them to help spawn more powerful allies.


Recruit Type Location How to Recruit
Spy MI6 Building, western Lambeth, or turn Westminster Defiant Complete Westminster tasks, Complete Like Clockwork Mission
Pro Hitman Turn Nine Elms Defiant Complete Nine Elms tasks, Complete Black Hole of Battersea Mission
Drone Expert City of Westminster in front of Parliament Complete Mission in Tower Hamlets to infiltrate Albion
Anarchist  Trafalgar Square Complete Local Uprising Missions
Paramedic Western Camden Blume building Complete Local Uprising Missions
Street Artist Southern Lambeth Lambeth Town Hall Complete Local Uprising Missions
Beekeeper North Camden Hardy Church turn the City of London defiant, complete the ‘Sabotage’, ‘Photograph Evidence’, and ‘Hack CTOS Hub’ missions
Football Hooligan Turn Islington and Hackney Defiant Complete ‘Sabotage’, ‘Neutralize the VIP’, and ‘Collect Evidence’ missions
Getaway Driver Turn Tower Hamlets Defiant Complete Local Uprising Missions
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