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Will Shadow Bombs in Fortnite be back?

Are Shadow Bombs back in Fortnite?

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 continued the long tradition of Epic needing to balance this monster of a game. Being the top Battle Royale title, a lot of people play Fortnite. So from time to time something gets broken. Sometimes a weapon or technique used by players completely obliterates game balance and needs to be patched out. Sometimes Epic just wanted to tease players and pulls the item out after a short time just to shake the game up. Such was the case with Shadow Bombs in Fortnite.

The recent 2.71 patch to Fortnite V12.60 introduced a new game mode and some other changes. And as usual dataminers dug through the code looking for interesting stuff. And what they found is indeed very intriguing. It turns out that Epic has left code in the patch referencing the return of an old weapon to the game.

The Shadow Bombs in particular could be coming back. The strings found in the game code reference the item, but it is not fully back in yet. It looks like this powerful weapon could be coming back soon though. Checking the leak where it was first posted, via Twitter, reveals the code. According to FNBRLeaks Shadow Boms were added into the game files and have yet to be enabled for use.

The timeframe for the return of Shadow Bombs in Fortnite is a mystery though. Some sources and fans suggest it could come back in Season 2. Many others think that the beloved weapon will come back in the fast-approaching Season 3. No idea which though, as Epic has yet to comment on the leak.

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The newly introduced Spy Games mode is being cited as the cause though. A number of items such as the Heavy Shotgun, Chug Splashes and the Shield Bubbles have all been referenced in Spy Games, with many of these being older items brought back. Could Spy Games be a new testbed for a balance shakeup in Season 3? Maybe so.

The new season of Fortnite begins in June, so you better get ready because that’s soon. There are rumors swirling of a new game mode coming then as well, the long-awaited Doomsday event. Nothing has been confirmed so it could literally be anything. With Season 3 just around the corner, it is also reasonable to expect some changes though.

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