How to unlock the Movie Theater in Stardew Valley

How to unlock the Movie Theater in Stardew Valley

The Movie Theater in Stardew Valley is a new addition to the farming and life sim game that has a pretty weird little quest attached to it. To unlock the new festive spot for your town, you need to do a few things first. The Movie Theater is a great date spot and also comes to replace the unsightly Joja Mart if the conditions are right.

Once you complete the Community Center quest, the first step is complete. From this point, the path you take depends on another property in the town, the Community Center. The core of the Community Center quest poses a question about greed and forces the player to choose between money and the well-being of the town.

If you side with the town and force Joja Mart to leave by restoring the Community Center, the Movie Theater in Stardew Valley will take its place. If you opt to help the corporation, the Movie Theater will replace the Community Center, and Morris will pay the player 500,000 G.

Unlocking the Movie Theater in Stardew Valley requires completing a very specific quest within the game. You have to deliver some very specific resources and loot to a new tenant of the town.

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This, of course, all depends on how you dealt with Joja Mart. The night before the first rainy day after you unlock the Community Center, there is a cutscene that shows a lightning bolt striking the abandoned building. Head into Joja Mart the next day and seek out the Junimo, they will give you the quest, The Missing Bundle. This quest is a very late-game goal, as it requires dropping off some very valuable resources to the quest giver.

Once you deliver the items though, Junimos will do their thing. Simply head to bed and the Movie Theater in Stardew Valley will open up the next day.

  • A Silver Star-quality wine
  • Dinosaur Mayonnaise
  • A Prismatic Shard
  • 5 Gold Star-quality Ancient Fruits
  • A Gold Star Void Salmon
  • Caviar

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