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Half-Life: Alyx will release for all VR platforms in 2020

Half-Life: Alyx

Since Half-Life burst onto the gaming scene in 1998 with the original game from Sierra and Valve, fans of the iconic gaming franchise have wanted more and more. The dangerous adventures of Gordon Freeman and the rest of his friends and allies have captivated gaming audiences for years, and that’s set to continue once again. Half-Life: Alyx is the new rendition for that legacy, but it’s now that you think.

Half-Life: Alyx is actually a standalone VR title starring one of the most recognizable supporting characters, Alyx Vance, the smart and witty daughter of Dr. Eli Vance. As part of the resistance to Combine forces, Alyx and other members help Gordon Freeman battle his way through treacherous locales filled with mutant Ant Lions and Headcrabs, as well as patrolling Combine kill squads.

Alyx Vance getting her own story is something not many fans saw coming though, as most of the impetus surrounding fan hype was on anything that would confirm the existence of a sequel to 2004’s Half-Life 2. And though a VR game doesn’t feel like the right thing to some fans, it feels like the team behind it has their heads and hearts in the right place. According to their retelling of early playtests, passion is still alive and well for the franchise, as the VR playtesters spent much longer than anticipated just exploring the world.

We didn’t set out to make a Half-Life game,” said programmer Robin Walker to IGN. “Like many game developers, we often use our previous games to experiment with new design ideas. So in this case, we started exploring VR using assets and code from Portal and Half-Life.”

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Being that the franchise is defined by first-person experiences and shooters though, the developers felt that Half-Life needed a VR spin. Half-Life: Alyx will take players on quite the journey, as it chronicles new stories for Alyx that players haven’t seen before.

There is some bad news though, as the dev team has confirmed that there won’t be a non-VR version as the developer felt that would have meant “ultimately degrading and sacrificing the quality of the experience on both sides.”

Half-Life: Alyx will release for all compatible VR platforms in March 2020. It is available for pre-order and is priced at $59.99. If you have Valve Index though, the game will be free. If you want to see it in action, check out the trailer below.

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