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PUBG update introduces new weather, new bullet physics


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds just pushed out its 19th update to the test servers this past week, and it brings a whole new platter of features and changes to existing features for players to enjoy.

The major new additions to the popular Battle Royale shooter are two-fold. One is that the game introduces new localized bullet penetration and related physics. The other is that the patch also reintroduces dynamic weather to the first two PUBG maps, Erengal and Miramar. So let’s dig in deeper shall we?

First up is the bullet penetration modeling being added to specific sections of the character models. The basic idea is that players can now penetrate some sections of the character model of their target to cause extra damage. In one example, if Player A shoots Player B in the head, but B blocks the shot with their hand, the damage will “pass through” that hand and still count as a critical shot. The system applies to only head, torso, and waist shots, and does not work on Shotguns

The other important new feature is the addition of improved weather modeling to the first two game maps, Erengal and Miramar. Check out a trailer for the new weather system that’s in-progress down below.


And it’s not just these two major new features that headline in update 19 either. The most recent iteration also fixes some bugs and cleans up various elements of the game UI. Things have been tweaked like extra settings for Custom Matches to make the level of control even more granular. Other UI improvements include a slider for improved inventory management. From the inventory, players can move a slider to select the quantity of an item they’d like to drop.

If you want to run through the full patch notes, they’re available over here.

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