How to heal yourself in Crucible

How to Heal in Crucible

Crucible is a tough game. The mix of PvP and PvE makes it challenging enough to keep track of all the abilities and the emerging metagame, but then you have to consider the wildcard element of other players. People are very unpredictable, and you have to accept that. Though that does not mean you can’t try to keep yourself in the match longer. Learning how to heal in Crucible is pretty important, mostly because you will have to wait for the next drop to respawn if you die. There’s no way to revive teammates once they go down, so heals are very important.

The quickest way to heal in this game is to use a medkit. All players have one when they enter the match, and you can carry a handful on your person during play. Players can always get more medkits or find medkit amplifiers around the map which increases the volume of medkits you have access to. Either way, you need a medkit to heal in most instances. Press the G-button to activate the healing ability and let it charge to heal you.

The medkits bot on the map are also really useful. These are small robots with a green plus sign on their bodies. You can use these to add more medkits to your stock. Another option for getting more healing n Crucible is to look for the glowing green plants scattered around. These drop a small burst of green powder when shot. This powder will give you a small amount of health regen when you stand in it.

Another source of healing is the small robotic healing stations. Look for the silver pillars scattered around. Interact with one to get a quick burst of health. These don’t heal over time though, so be careful of standing around.

But compared to all of these options, medkits remain the best option when you need to heal in Crucible. You will likely have to use all of these options during a match, as medkits only last so long. Also, healing makes you vulnerable to a degree. You only want to use a medkit when you are in s safe place away from the fighting. Working with your teammates to time heals can help with this, as they can cover you.

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