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Monster Hunter World Update 12.11.00 adds Safi’Jiiva and Stygian Zinogre

Monster Hunter World Update 12.11.00 adds Safi'Jiiva and Stygian Zinogre

Monster Hunter World Update 12.11.00 launched this week, bringing new quarry for hunters to track and some other minor updates. The big new content this week comes in the form of two new sub-species, Safi’Jiiva and Stygian Zinogre. As part of the second free title update to Iceborne, Capcom has introduced two new monsters. Safi’Jiiva is the new Siege event, replacing the likes of Kulve Taroth as an endgame challenge for those top-tier hunters. Check it out in the trailer below. The Safi’jiiva Siege quest will be made available from midnight on Friday, 20th March.

Those wishing to hunt Stygian Zinogre can earn new Zinogre hunter and Palico equipment, as well as a pendant, layered armor and other goodies for their trouble. This big boy won’t go down easy though, so you better come prepared.

A handful of balance changes also accompany the new monsters. Players will notice that the dual blade actions and damage values have been changed. For one thing, they now deal better part damage. The sword & shield also got some attention, with sword & shield’s Perfect Rush having its damage adjusted.

Capcom also included a new cutscene for introducing one of the in-game zones, the Guiding Lands. And speaking of new cutscenes, here’s a cinematic trailer Capcom has released, showing off Stygian Zinogre in-game. Check that out below. If you’re interested in reading the full patch notes, they’re over on Capcom’s site.

The new patch also comes with a number of bug fixes. For instance, it fixes an issue where the resolution of monster figures would not scale correctly when zoomed in. There are also some issues with crashes from when selecting an item from the Canteen at the exact moment another player uses a voucher, those have been fixed.

Monster Hunter World Update 12.11.00 will also bring in some specific fixes and improvements to the PC version of MHW and Iceborne. For one, the Steam overlay no longer appears automatically when you receive friend requests during gameplay. There has also been a minor change to the VRAM usage window, it now has a more obvious display to warn you when you are trying to use DirectX 12 with 3.50 GB of available VRAM or less.

And yes, there’s even new cosmetic elements like some new BGM in a few areas and a new layered armor set.

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