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Bee Simulator buzzes its way onto Steam for new sweets

Bee Simulator Now on Steam

Bee Simulator is a kind of strange game. The concept might sound really strange if you’re not ready to jump into the shoes of such an insect, it might seem like something you should skip. Bee Simulator lets the player buzz around the game worlds of very beautiful worlds. It’s a very original concept with a nice execution, and it’s a concept that games should fool around with more.

The gameplay is very simple, you’re just a bee. Bee Simulator launched late last year via the Epic Games Store and brought the idea of letting gamers buzz around and do various things as a bee. You collect hidden objectives and solve basic puzzles. The game is clearly aimed to the simple side of the spectrum and is very fitting as a short game for kids.

The game has been slowly spreading through various platforms, and makes it so that many people have already played it. The wasn’t on Steam until now, so there’s a big glut of users who may have a new game they want to check out. If you’re into the idea of being an insect in a fun way, this launch is a good chance. There’s a 30% launch discount if you want to jump in and explore a bit.

Players can even pair up and engage in co-op play. Judging from what folks who played it have seen, it’s a very simple and engaging concept. If you want to see what that plays like, check out the footage below.

Bee Simulator is out now as well on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC. The Steam release will allow players to build a new hive of fun. Bee Simulator is out now on Steam for $30 USD, with a launch discount for the week it’s out on the platform.

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