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Dead by Daylight teases new monster from “classic” horror

Dead by Daylight Chapter 16 Teased

Developer Behaviour Interactive is celebrating the fourth anniversary of Dead by Daylight this month. With that news comes the first teases for the newest monster or killer in the game. The developer has been pretty tight-lipped about the details, but they did let something slip. The next killer for Dead by Daylight will include a character from a classic horror franchise.

This new killer will be revealed as part of Chapter 16 of the post-launch content for the game. Yes, there really have been that many killers and survivors added to this surprisingly long-living asymmetrical horror title. To watch the reveal, keep an eye on the Behaviour Interactive channels on Twitch and YouTube.

Currently, the reveal is scheduled for May 26 at 2 p.m. EST.

“We are quite excited to celebrate another amazing year in the history of Dead by Daylight,” Mathieu Côté, Game Director and Product Evangelist for Behaviour Interactive, said in a press statement. “The game is always changing, always improving. We’ve brought you a lot of really cool stuff this year and next year will be even more intense. This last chapter is a very emotional milestone for us and we cannot wait to share it with you. Come join us as we celebrate year four of Dead by Daylight!”

Other horror classics like Ghostface from the Scream film franchise got their time in the limelight as well. It’s pretty hard to suss out exactly what the new kill in Chapter 16 for Dead by Daylight will actually be. The reveal for the new killer was also teased as “jaw-dropping” leading to some very interesting speculation within the community.

In particular, data miners have dug around the game code and found some new and unique sound files that pointed to some new skills that could be for the new killer. Given this info, Chapter 16 has a lot of things to pull from. Behaviour Interactive has brought plenty of licensed characters to the game over the years. Various original killers created by the developers have been added as well.

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