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Grinding Gear Games release Skill Gem and ll new Cluster Jewels

Path of Exile 3.10, Delirium League

Path of Exile 3.10 is almost here, we’re just a few days away from the new nightmare being unleashed upon Wraeclast. And now, developer Grinding Gear Games has been teasing the crap out of the fanbase this week. The most recent reveal detailed all of the new Cluster Jewels coming in Path of Exile 3.10.

The Cluster Jewels are a nice twist on the different mechanics of the Passive Tree. Each one alters the Skill Tree by unlocking new Notables depending on the Jewel. There are 280 new notables in all.  There are dozens of different Cluster Jewels, each with their own unique effects. The player can take advantage of major bonuses from these Jewels and power a certain archetype.

There are three sizes of jewel – Large, Medium and Small, each with their own radius just like other Passive Jewels. The big difference is that these determine where they can be placed in terms of the Sockets on the Passive Tree. As GGG described it, “Large jewels may be placed in the outermost passive skill tree sockets and focus on offensive bonuses. Medium jewels can be placed in the outermost passive skill tree sockets or a socket created by a large jewel and they focus on specific mechanics and utility effects. Small cluster jewels can be placed in sockets created by Large or Medium jewels and sockets on the outermost parts of the passive skill tree. Small jewels focus on defences.”

And just as a bonus for hardcore POE players, the developer also revealed all of the new Skill Gem information for the upcoming league. If you want to learn all the skills that were buffed and nerfed in POE 3.10 we made a list, then you could check out our league starter builds list for some ideas on what kind of build you want to run with.

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