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Mega Man 11 is bringing the blue bomber back on PC and consoles

Mega Man 11 Launch Trailer

Capcom has finally released a new Mega Man game, Mega Man 11 is out now, and the first mainline entry into the series in at least a decade has the blue bomber back in action against the nefarious Dr. Wiley.

This latest game sees a return to the iconic classic 2D platforming that the series has been known for since it’s inception in 1987 on the NES. You’ll take on many of the old-school foes that you’re used to, but there’s plenty of new challenges overcome as well. Capcom has introduced some new boss mechanics as well. Luckily, the ole’ trusty Mega Buster is as strong as it ever was, so you’ll have all the tools you need to overcome these new baddies.

Mega Man 11 also features a new Double Gear System which allows you to slow down time for more precise movement. There’s also a robust upgrades system allowing you to power up Mega Man to new heights. The game also obviously has a new graphical engine, so the levels and enemies look better than ever.

In terms of other gameplay modes and features, Mega Man 11 has multiple difficulties, time trails, challenge modes, online leaderboards, and more.

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Priced at £24.99, Mega Man 11 is available right now on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC, and you can check out the gameplay trailer for the game down below.

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